Here are the chat rules!

  • 1. NO SPAM! No one hates someone who posts annoying crap!
  • 2. Don't backsass Mods/Admins! (We really don't like kicking and banning people, but we will if we need to.)
  • 3. Please don't link other Wiki chats. You ARE allowed to link wikis, but not chats. Sorry.
  • 4. No TROLLING! No need to explain..
  • 5. No links to innapropriate stuff.
  • 6. No excessive cussing! You ARE allowed to use one OCCASIONALY.
  • 7. If you do link a wiki, don't spam the link!
  • 8. No Racism, Discrimination and Homophobia allowed. If you offended a user, you get a kick.
  • 9. Never talk about POLITICS and RELIGION, it may cause fights.
  • 10. Have FUNNNN!!

Thanks for complying to the rules! :D